The Sacred Pentagraph

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The Sacred Pentagraph is a five volume set of manuscripts giving a complete organizational method of Wicca as an Occult Lodge system. The Sacred Pentagraph tradition is an occult-lodge based system of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition. It is a mystical tradition of Wicca that through coven work, is designed to help the seeker advance and become a competent occultist and adept within the field of Classical Witchcraft.

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The original founders (Tarostar, Charmaine Day, with the guidance of Sybil Leek) of the tradition, operating as the Ancient Order of the Bell, Book & Candle, founded the tradition in the tradition to be focused more on traditional occult arts, individual adepts, and practitioners of Classical Witchcraft that come together to practice a complete yearly cycle of rituals and those dedicated to traditional witchcraft and occult arts in practice.

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The Sacred Pentagraph: A Craft Work in Five Volumes – Hardcover & Softcover Editions (this is all five volumes in one)

The Sacred Pentagraph: Books I, II, III (softcover; first three volumes)

The Sacred Pentagraph: Books IV & V (softcover; only Volumes 4 & 5)

Overview of the Sacred Pentagraph Published Volumes:

Volume I – The Covenant
Containing the Craft Laws/organizational rubrics. Craft Laws may have the old archaisms associated with the Gerald Gardner-esque language and one set as Guidelines, not mandatory edicta.

  • Introduction
  • Tenets of the Faith
  • The Wiccan Affirmation of Faith
  • The Laws of the Craft
    • Concerning the Pact
    • Organization of a Coven
    • Duties of Coven Officers
    • Coven Records
    • Coven Common Funds
    • Secret Ballot
    • Of Dues
    • Council of Elders
    • Uses of Craft Power
  • The Way of the Wise
  • Ideal Functioning of a Coven
  • The Ordeals
  • Lady Charmaines Charge to the Craft
  • Formal Coven Ceremonies
    • Centering the Cone
    • Formal Resignation of High Priesthood
    • Install New High Priesthood
    • Ritual of the Bell, Book and Candle
    • To Void a Coven
    • Register of Seals
    • The Log
    • The Tree

Volume II: The Book of Beginnings
Containing the levels of Initiations into the Craft in this system and the Rituals in involved.

  • Preface Page 1
  • Introduction
  • Part 1 Major Rites of Passage
    • Section 1 Outline of the Grades
      • Initiare
      • 0° The Wiccan Born
      • Neophyte
      • Probationer
      • Craftsman
      • Covener I°
      • Artisan II°
      • Practicus and/or Hand Maiden III°
      • The High Priesthood IV°
      • Magister Sacrorum and/or Queen Mother V°
      • Philosophus and Oracle V°
    • Section II - Initiation Rituals
      • Initiation of a Neophyte
      • Initiation of a Probationer
      • Initiation to Craftsman
      • Ceremony for a Covener
      • Lamp of Art
      • Ceremony for the Artisan
      • The Sword of Art
      • Elevation to III°
      • The Coven Broom
      • The Coven Great Wand
      • Ceremony of the IV°
      • Crossing the Veil
      • Ceremony for a Covener
      • Ceremony for a Craft Elder
  • Part II - Minor Rites of Passage
    • The Rite of Handfasting
    • Houseblessing
    • Handloosing

Volume III: The Book of Lights
Containing the Sabbat celebrations and the Book of Elders divided into works of the High-Priestess and the High-Priest for the Sabbat round alternating Female/Male.

Volume IV: The Book of Esbat
Containing the full and new moon celebrations over the course of the year and the associated mystery plays in Pagan tradition.

Volume V: The Cornucopia
Containing the teaching guide for aspiring students including lesson plans.


Preface Page


  • Section 1 - Book of the Wise
    • Book of the Wise I
    • Book of the Wise II
    • Book of the Wise III
    • Spells of the Cornucopia
    • Book of the Wise II
    • Book of the Wise III
    • Spells of the Cornucopia
    • Introduction
    • Preparation Time
    • The Witches Candle Blessing
    • The Circle of Art
    • Herbal Love Potion
    • Love Seal
    • The Arts of Divination
    • Reading the Aura
    • Cartomancy for the Witch
    • Spirit Runes
    • How to Cast the Spirit Runes
    • Scrying in the Goddess`s Name
    • Scrying in the Gods Name
    • The Crone`s Blessing
    • In Memoriam
    • Craft Poppetry
    • Summon the Shades
  • Section II - NECROMANCY Divination By Shades of the Dead
    • Spirit Communication By Seance
    • Seal of Spirits
    • The High Ceremony of Necromancy
    • Talismans of the Cornucopia
    • The Basic Robe
    • The Cingulum
    • Craft Grade Signs of Rank
    • Epilogue

Sacred Pentagraph History:

The original Elders in the Sacred Pentagraph Tradition were the late June Day-Zabowsky, aka Lady Charmaine, her husband the late Steve Zabowsky, both original proprietors of the Bell, Book and Candle Shop in Las Vegas, the late Laura Letages of Las Vegas and Tarostar, who is still active in the Craft.

The tradition was also given input by the late Sybil Leek, who visited the Bell, Book And Candle Shop in the late 1970`s to early 1980`s, discussing the Craft topics incorporated into the system with Lady Charmaine and Tarostar. Charmaine and Sybil had known each other from their days in Houston, Texas, when Charmaine was with the Theosophical Society.

Charmaine and Steve followed Sybil to Las Vegas in the early 1970`s and opened the BB&C. Sybil established an Astrology School and attracted numerous students.

The first BB&C was located at 1422 Las Vegas Blvd So. ,which later moved to a building at 1549 East Charleston Blvd and subsequently to the strip mall in the 1700 block of East Charleston Blvd, which passed to the proprietorship of the late Lucky Simone, after Charmaine`s crossing the veil in 1983.

Classical Witchcraft is the field of the individual practitioner in the traditional Occult Arts and Psychic Sciences and dealer in Occult Supplies, which traditions can point to themselves, as mentioned in Ancient Literature.  The object of The Sacred Pentagraph as a Wiccan Tradition is to train and create practicing occultists for that field of the Craft.

Wicca and Witchcraft were becoming publicly known in the 1970`s, however with initial growing pains, there were many so-called Witch Wars distracting people internally and creating hard feelings around the Craft. To address such an issue, the SP Elders felt some standards and guidelines may be helpful in setting forth what could be conceived as the better traditions and suggested practice.

Groups were springing up in many parts of North America and other parts of the World claiming Witchcraft or Wiccan authenticity. Yet, there seemed to be a dearth of knowledge even among those bearing the High Priestly titles.

The system known as The Sacred Pentagraph did not try to set itself up as ultimate authority, but sought to give traditional methods in Coven organization, continuity of practice and both a Sabbat and Esbat round for celebrating the yearly cycles.

It gives a system of proper initiations to the levels of Craft hierarchy, but with emphasis on the group as a living entity, rather than being a showcase for an individual person`s/High Priesthood`s power base or ego displays. The Sacred Pentagraph establishes a form of Pagan Republic in miniature with a Coven Council holding the Coven authority and a Gerousia of Craft Elders acting as advisors for what may be deemed the best of Craft tradition.

Training methods and lessons in both Pagan History and development in the traditional Occult Arts and Psychic Sciences are offered in the books for those wanting to implement the system.

The object of his published works was to offer and suggest ingredients such as candles, herbs, oils, powders, oil formulae and methods to employ them in spells were to promote sales in the field of Occult Supplies.

Sacred Pentagraph Personalities:

originally written by Tarostar, December 5, 2011 – updated: October 2022

In the early 1970s, arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada from Houston, Texas were June Day-Zabowsky (Charmaine Dey) and her husband Steve Zabowsky, who opened the first site of the Bell, Book and Candle shop at 1422 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

Also from Houston came Sybil Leek to open an Astrology School in Las Vegas. Charmaine and Sybil had met in Houston through connections to the Theosophical Society and around an occult shop called The Witch’s Cauldron. Charmaine related many tales about those days in Houston over the years.

In Charmaine`s earlier years, she had been known in Burlesque Theatre as Charmaine the Champagne Blonde and was famous for exotic dancing and a unique version of the Dance of the Seven Veils, expressed through theosophical symbology of colour and levels of consciousness. Her husband Steve was a tap dancer on the same Burlesque circuit. In his later years he was an accomplished costume maker for strippers and exotic dancers and a congenial salesman in the Bell, Book and Candle shop.

They were both friends of the famous stripper Sally Rand. ( As an aside to set the stage for a time frame for those who remember: Tarostar saw Sally Rand in here last performances, when she was reduced to doing a lounge specialty act at the Mint Hotel in downtown Las Vegas in the early 1970s. She was in her 70s then. In those days, Fremont Street in Las Vegas was the end of the line for performers and the last stop before fading away.)

If a performer were on the way down, Fremont Street was the last stop before the back door out. If a performer were on the way up, Fremont Street could be a front door in. Loretta Lynn did a Mint Hotel country/western lounge act before becoming famous. She had those twins, who eventually ended up on the Hee Haw TV Country/Western Show in her act. Their hit song was Norwegian Wood.

Sybil Leek applied to the Clark County, Nevada licensing board to open an Astrology School. The county, at that time, had an ordinance on the books claiming any person in the Occult is to be considered an itinerant Gypsy; and assumed to be playing a confidence game on the public and therefore, to be treated as untrustworthy. Her application for a business license was declined. Those county ordinances had kept most Occult Arts and Psychic Sciences in Las Vegas in the background and not openly practiced.

The only acceptable shop for that type of thing in Las Vegas at that time was Bertae Specialties, an early version of a New Age Yuppie-oriented approach. (Mr. Bertae required his saleswomen to dress as Cleopatra with exotic make-up and curly-toed sandals, wearing a sandwich board advertisement and parade up and down Fremont Street in 120°F Las Vegas Summer temperature.)

Sybil challenged the county in US Federal Court. Her grounds were that she could not be an itinerant Gypsy,; being a prominent celebrity, a substantial businesswoman and owner of a town house in an exclusive Las Vegas neighborhood. Besides, the term of itinerant Gypsy would be discriminatory to authentic people of a Gypsy/Romany heritage, which she claimed she had. The county mooted its own ordinance and issued Sybil a license for an Astrology School. That opened up Las Vegas for all kinds of other aspects of the Occult Arts and Psychic Sciences.

Sybil`s Astrology School opened in a strip mall on Industrial Road, at that time, way beyond the airport.

Arriving back in Las Vegas about this time, Tarostar became involved in the circle of people in and out of the Bell, Book and Candle Shop, when it was at 1422 Las Vegas Blvd. S. He had been doing the late Hippie Scene in San Francisco, selling occult jewelry on the streets as The Runic Witch.

Working in the occult supply trade at that shop, during the day, and room service and Showroom at the Frontier and Stardust Hotels at night, he made a decent living, where he could continue occult studies and begin building his personal library.

Charmaine and Tarostar put together a unique brand of Occult oils, bath salts, powders, Spellcraft ingredients and herbal recipes based on the arcane lore from Witchcraft tradition. The Bell, Book and Candle Shop moved to a better location at 1549 E. Charleston Blvd., and continued with its established reputation in the supply trade.

During this time the Theosophical and Witchcraft studies were combined and a small Circle of Initiates was created as Morningstar Chapel. Guest Psychic readers would take appointments at the shop, such as the Hollywood reader Gerome Criswell of Ed Wood movie fame and a Dr. Gilley from the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Sybil had sold her Astrology School to one of her better students and moved on. As she toured on lecture and trade circuits, she would stop by the Bell, Book and Candle in passing through Las Vegas and chat with Charmaine and those in the shop. The core ideas for what became The Sacred Pentagraph were discussed and notes made from those chats and discussions.

Since Sybil was a prominent celebrity, lecture tour and psychic fair hangers-on would gush all over her and whine that they were just going to die, unless Sybil initiated them into Witchcraft. Her remedy for that was to turn the psychic gush thrice round widdershins and say thrice: You`re a Witch! She and Charmaine would sit at the table in the display room of the Bell, Book and Candle and cackle and chortle over those “widdershins-spin-around” initiations.

Tarostar lost contact with them after Sybil`s passing in 1982 and Charmaine`s passing in 1983. Charmaine`s husband Steve had contact with Sybil`s younger son for a while after that. Steve, however, passed also in about 1994.

During those years 1974-1983, the essential core of Craft practices and initiatory system and Coven organization that has gone into The Sacred Pentagraph were worked out and implemented. The essential Coven aspects were kept as an inner core with an Outer Court organization known as ALL SAINTS CHURCH OF MYSTIC SCIENCE , incorporated in Nevada as a non-profit religious organization in 1975.

Witchcraft organizations, at that time, were just beginning to go public and encounter difficulty from the authorities and resistance in the public eye. By establishing and conforming to standard appearances as a New Age Church, the Sacred Pentagraph Witches avoided any public alarm or opprobrium.

Lady Laura had come to the system through the Bell, Book and Candle shop and helped incorporate the Outer Court All Saints Church of Mystic Science . She was a very valuable asset and contributor through time and effort in organization and running the Outer Court. She organized her own Circle in the Craft system of the Sacred Pentagraph and featured in-depth study of May Pole celebrations and Lady Festivals, which she implemented with great success. Up to the date, 12/03/2003, she and Tarostar were the last surviving Elders of the tradition.

The purpose of the Outer Court; All Saints Church of Mystic Science, was to function as a form of New Age church and guide sincere seekers to the esoteric core and the Sacred Pentagraph system within the tradition of Witchcraft. Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State in Carson City, Nevada as document 531-76, its Articles of Incorporation may be seen.

While implementing the Outer Court, some tension arose between Lady Laura and Tarostar with Charmaine and Steve her husband. Charmaine and Steve visioned an organization, which could be an ordination center which ordains anyone as anything, for a fee. Tarostar and Lady Laura didn`t feel that type of association would be beneficial to serve the better interests of the Craft. Eventually, Tarostar`s and Lady Laura`s ethical standards pertaining to such a matter prevailed and ruffled feathers were smoothed over.

Moving into the late 1970s, the notes from the chats and discussions between Charmaine and Sybil, Tarostar and Lady Laura were being written up as The Sacred Pentagraph began to flesh itself out through Tarostar`s pen. It was as if the thought-form of the system were writing itself.

Lady Charmaine`s health began to take a turn for the worse, as she eventually succumbed to kidney failure.

An old church building, which used to stand at the corner of 10th and Carson Streets in downtown Las Vegas, was obtained to house both the Outer Court of All Saints Church of Mystic Science and the inner circles of The Sacred Pentagraph. Tarostar became known for the full ceremonial Rites of Craft Necromancy at the annual Dumb Supper Samhain celebrations. Private invitations were eagerly sought after by people in the Las Vegas Craft and Psychic community.

During this time, people from other traditions and paths in the Craft were coming to those of us associated with the Bell, Book and Candle shop for validation. One was a gal from Phoenix, Arizona, wanting to open a subsidiary Bell, Book and Candle shop. She had eventually opened as The Black Cat Shop in Phoenix. Another was a young couple from Southern California, known in biker circles from that area, the Tanners.

Basically, it was the product line of oils, bath salts, powders, Spellcraft and herbal recipes Charmaine and Tarostar had created, which could be sold on the psychic fair circuit and through other shops in the trade, which brought people to the Bell, Book and Candle from within the Craft. 

As Charmaine`s health continued to deteriorate, the Bell, Book and Candle Shop was incorporated as Bell, Book and Candle Inc., having Charmaine, her husband and Tarostar as the incorporators and directors. Document 6691-81 filed with the Secretary of State`s Office in Carson City, Nevada. The Bell, Book and Candle moved to a new location at 1722 E. Charleston Blvd. in 1982. Within a year of each other in 1982-83, sometimes guest reader Criswell passed, Sybil Leek passed and Charmaine passed.

Tarostar left the Bell, Book and Candle to open a shop called Ye Olde Herb Doctor at 125 N. Bruce St., in Las Vegas. (He did not resign from Bell, Book and Candle Inc. Late in 1983, Old Steve had made a deal to sell Bell Book and Candle Inc., as private/personal property, to one Lucky Simone from the psychic fair circuit in Southern California, and the ill-fated One Step Beyond Shop in Marina del Rey, Ca.)

Lucky began to use some of the notes from The Sacred Pentagraph to teach students Witchcraft for a fee, with initiation as part of a package deal. He claimed the manuscripts were his own writings and bequeathed to him by Charmaine. (He is on cassette tape telling these things to students. These tapes are in Tarostar’s possession. Tarostar had copyrighted the manuscripts of The Sacred Pentagraph to protect his work, but that didn`t seem to register as valid with Mr. Simone. One may check the forms filed with the Library of Congress.)

Lucky would claim the manuscripts written in Tarostar`s handwriting were actually the handwriting of Charmaine. Old Steve had led him to believe that as part of the deal in selling Bell, Book and Candle Inc., to Simone, that he could benefit from Charmaine`s manuscripts.

Trouble in paradise popped up when in Federal Court in 1987, Tarostar established his handwriting and ownership of the copyright to The Sacred Pentagraph; US District Court, District of Nevada before US magistrate Pro 1987-88.

In the meantime, Tarostar had become a published author through publishers in the Occult Supply trade and a contributor of articles to various Craft newsletters, such as the Georgian Newsletter from Bakersfield, California and the Green Egg, when it was published from Ukiah, Ca.

(A serious economic downturn hit the Las Vegas, Nevada area in 1987 with a long-protracted Culinary Union strike. The Las Vegas Strip and all its workers were affected. Since many small businesses had their main clientele in that union, the following dearth in local cash flow caused many to go under. Tarostar`s Ye Olde Herb Doctor shop was one of them.)

Rather than return to employment in the Hotels, Tarostar took a position with the Psychic Eye Shop in the shopping centre at 953 E. Sahara Blvd. (A Robert Leyson had a string of Psychic Eye Shops in Las Vegas and the Los Angeles area.)

At the Psychic Eye, early in 1989, Tarostar saw an ad asking for experienced occult supply applicants in the Circle Network News. The ad was from The Occult Shop in Toronto, Ontario. He answered the ad and was granted the position as shop manager.

Bringing his occult supply experience to the Toronto area, Tarostar continued with his work fleshing out The Sacred Pentagraph by working on the forth and fifth volumes of the opus.

The further rituals of The Sacred Pentagraph, written between 1989 and 2005 have been incorporated into The Sacred Pentagraph Book IV - Book of Esbat and Book V - The Cornucopia.

In 2004, Lady Laura passed away. 

In 2013, Tarostar shared his teachings and training with members of the Wolfa Coven , which was already established and located in Pennsylvania. From the Wolfa Coven, covens began to grow and spread outward again.

Blessed Be!